3 Best Wines You Must Have for Your Wine Cellar

custom wine cellars
custom wine cellars

Do you know what the most glamorous part is of your wine cellar? You say, the décor and furnishing? Well, no. The classy and elegant racking system? Nada. Well, of course, all of these things make your wine cellar complete. But no matter how great are they, the most glamorous part of your wine cellar is your wine collection. After all, for these precious beauties, you have invested thousands of dollars and creative ideas. So, when you are making the wine cellar, you need to carefully pick up the wine collection that will be worthy of your investment.

Even if you are not yet an oenophile, you need to understand a few basic things. They are the following,

  • Your wine cellar is not meant for your collection of regular alcohol including beer, vodka, gin, whisky, or whatever your poison is.
  • For wine, there is no need to go after only vintage. There are plenty of new wines too that you will find exquisite.
  • Wine doesn’t always need to age apart from only a few.

So, while picking your wine, you need to look for many other characteristics like premium quality, overall quality, the best value, best Merlot, or Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, or best bottle to invest in. This will make your wine collection diverse. So, choose from the following wines when you are designing wine cellars in Houston.

Bodega Catena Zapata Adrianna Vineyard for the Best Overall Wine:

One of the reasons for investing in a wine cellar is that you can invite people over, showcase your collection, bring out the perfect bottle that will win the hearts of your guests over some delicious dinner. And for this purpose, Bodega Catena Zapata Adrianna Vineyard wines are the perfect option. Overall good quality wine with exquisite aroma and character in every sip, this is the perfect wine you can enjoy with your family. For your custom wine cellars in a commercial establishment too, this can be a favourite for all your diners. So, pick this one and you won’t regret it.

custom wine cellars
custom wine cellars

Sine Qua Non for Premium Quality Wine:

So, you have hired one of the best agencies for wine cellar design. You have got the most stunning and contemporary aesthetics for the cellar in your home. The opulence gets a perfect touch with stunning wine cellar doors, luxury furniture in the cellar, and so on. Now, why did you make all these efforts? Of course, to store some premium quality wines that will be perfect for some special occasions. And when you are looking for a premium quality wine, opt for Sine Qua Non. They have produced only 442 cases of wines and undoubtedly getting one of them will make your collection complete. When you sip from the glass, you can find the aromas of blueberries, blackberries, forest floor, Asian Spices, and a mild hint of chocolate. Share this wine with the ones who matter.

You need to note that this wine will need at least a few years of ageing to attain the perfect taste and aroma. And that is why you need to create the optimum environment in your wine cellar with the help of a wine cellar cooling unit. Surely, the company you have hired for the wine cellar design will guide you for this.

Grgich Hills Estate for the Best Value:

Are you looking for some fresh fruity notes for wine in your collection? Well, these ones will be perfect when you are having lazy evenings at home with your friends. Grgich Hills Estate produces some really amazing quality wine with a deep and fresh fruity note that comes in fact at a pretty affordable price. In fact, their 2016 Chardonnay is one of the best well-rounded wine at an amazing price. So, if you are thinking that having a wine collection will be always expensive, you can start with this even. No need to go for a full-blown wine cellar. You can get some stunning wall-mounted racks for your living room and stack it up with a few bottles from Grgich Hills Estate.

 Choose from these options and create the dream wine cellar in your home. Your guests are going to envy you for the taste of your wine cellar and the wine collection.


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