Are You Looking for Muslim Wedding Photography in London?

muslim wedding photography london

Muslim wedding photography London:

Special events rarely come in our life, and a wedding is one of the events which cannot come again so it should have to be best in all ways. Everything should be appropriate and accurate. For the capturing of accuracy, which can be better than a wedding photographer Essex. A photographer holds our memories in a very good way and makes those memories forever. Muslim wedding is more like traditional weddings. You can hire Muslim Wedding Photography London at cheap rates. It consists of the following functions which need to be captured:

  • Nikah field
  • Mehendi
  • Barat
  • Waalima (Reception)

Nikah field: 

It is the basic wedding day on which people agree to the vows of marriage and tie a knot. The dress code is a mostly simple white dress on that day if it is not combined with Mehendi function.

Muslim wedding photography london


It is more like a dancing function or pre-wedding happiness celebrations. Sometimes it is celebrated before nikah and mostly after nikah so that the bride and groom can enjoy function together. The dress code is heavy yellow maxis with embroidery.

muslim wedding photography london


This is the day when the bride and groom are covered with most heavy dresses and jewellers, especially brides in their lives. The colours for brides are red, maroon etc. and the groom mostly wears stuff to match their bride dressing.

muslim wedding photography london

Waalima (Reception): 

This is the final official function arrange by Groom in the happiness. The dresses are lighter and more elegant as compare to Barat.

Hence all the functions are memorable, and that’s why a professional photographer is required to capture those memories.

muslim wedding photography london

Role of the photographer at your wedding:

Although nowadays everyone has mobile phones with high pixels cameras in them and use it for selfies the wedding is not just a random occasion it’s a memory which has to cover in a more efficient way. Hence a professional wedding photographer yorkshire plays a very important role in making this day more important.

Wedding Shoots:

The skilled photographer guide for making wedding poses that present the wedding in more idealize and dramatic way. On watching the results of images, it seems like they are film stars of the upcoming hit movie.

Versatile approach:

Always keep in mind that only a professional photographer can give you versatile results. The ordinary photography cannot be able to perform it in a better way. The ideas will be old. But the wedding only comes ones so the ideas of photoshoot must be unique and creative. There should be no mixing with old ideas. The shoot of yours has to be different from the wedding shoot of your parents.

Good communication skills:

The professional photographer is all about good communication. An ordinary photographer cannot communicate in that way. By the proper guidance of the photographer, the angles and shot get to perfection. If they are so so then there is no difference between a random couple making their selfies by their own mind and photographer is not communicating properly, the results will be same. So, communications skills are very important, and only professional companies have those experts. So, approach them for your day.

Coverage in a more efficient way:

The whole wedding coverage photographer and bridegroom photographer should be different. Both have to be from professional companies. If the photographer is the same for both, then everything will be incomplete, and the professional is not able to concentrate on any party. Further, it can lead to incomplete coverage of memories. So, there should be two basic photographers, one photoshoot specialist for bride and groom and other is for family and wedding shoot.

Packages for the wedding:

There are several packages offer by a professional photographer, in these packages, few of benefits are includes:

Signature shoot: 

  • The most expensive and best one is signature shoot. It is performed under specialist. Furthermore, a team of photographer cover the remaining function. Specialist basically covers the bride and groom shoot. One hundred top selected images selected for shoot album. Family album and function album also included in the package.
  • Drones
  • DSLR
  • HD Video cameras for still coverage
  • Portraits of couple
  • Portraits of family
  • Pictures in soft
  • Pictures in hard
  • Photoshoot album
  • One storybook
  • 3-4 mins highlights
  • 40-60 min video edit

The above-mentioned package is a reasonable and best way to cover your wedding ceremony.


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