Comparison Between Nissan Elgrands and Toyota Alphard

Toyota Alphard

Vine Place deals in sale and purchase of Nissan Elgrands and Toyota Alphard Cars. Our cars are scratchless and in excellent condition. The Nissan elgrand is mid-size luxury MPV manufactured by Nissan Sathai for Nissan in 1997, available in three model developments, the E50, the E51 and as of 2010 the E52.

Difference between Nissan Elgrands and Toyota Alphard:  

Car Comparison: 

When we talk about MPVs Nissan elgrand and Toyota Alphard, hit in our mind. Both cars take the audience attention with their high and luxury specs. Moreover, Luxury transport for large families, or smaller families with lots of stuff.

Engine Comparison:

Both cars take their powers in the form of petrol. The capacity of the Nissan Elgrand is a 276 hp 3498 cc engine that makes the car rule the roads. Moreover, the Alphard has 2362 cc engine that generates 168 hp powers. Elgrand creates the energy of 344 Nm, in the case of Alphard, it is 224 Nm only.


Before investing in a car everyone makes sure about its performance, The performance of the Nissan Elgrand have large 3.5 Li engine with EFI fuel supply system, and Alphard has the engine capacity gets confined at 2.4 Li. There are six-cylinder in the Elgrand, and Alphard has the four-cylinder. Elgrand and Alphard have rack and wing steering gear type, and as well as have DOHC valve configuration as well. Elgrand have the 7-speed fearing box and Alphard have the 6-speed gearing box.

Nissan Elgrands


Before investing in the car, you must think or investigate its size. Nissan Elgrand has seven-seats MPV with five doors. However, Alphard has the more significant body then the elgrand, but the egrand is more comfortable and luxury then the Alphard. Elgrand have a reasonable size has 1,895 mm long body and 1850 mm width. In the comparison of the Toyota Alphard, the Nissan elgrand have better capacity than the Alphard and more comfortable. Nissan Elgrand is more comfortable for long-distance travel because it has comfortable seats for the passenger and the driver.


Both cars are ensured for the supreme comfort, facilities of the power steering, air condition, start/stop key, audio system, and cruise control. In general, Nissan Elgrand is a luxury and comfortable car and right car for the investment. Nissan Elgrand is the winner in the clash of between Alphard and Nissan Elgrand.

Elgrand for sale is available in the market; it is the right option for the investments in the car because it is perfect from both all views. However, it is luxury, comfortable, long lasting and fuel efficient. These types of cars are used for long distance travelling because the seats and mpvs of the Elgrand are very comfortable and adjustable for the passenger. We can adjust our seats according to our position. Moreover, Nissan Elgrand has every safety in case of the accident.

The Nissan Elgrands Main Competitive are:

  • Toyota Alphard
  • Toyota Vellfire
  • Honda Odyssey

These cars are the main competitor of the Nissan Elgrand. Moreover, Nissan Elgrand is luxury transport for large families with lots of stuff. It has better-looking MPVs, and it has eye-catching decor and comfortable seats for the passengers.

Following are the Exterior of the Nissan Elgrand:

  • Front fog lights.
  • HID / xenon headlights.
  • PAS/EW/EM/central locking.
  • Adjustable height steering column.
  • Keyless entry and start (smart key).
  • Radar cruise control – maintains a set distance from the vehicle in front.
  • 16 or 17-inch alloy wheels.

Nissan Elgrand has the Leather Seats, Sunroof, Power rear door as well as remote control operation. Nissan Elgrand is best for the large families or joint families they travel from one place to another place together.  Elgrand have dual zone climate control, front power seats, wood trim panels, and remote control system control the climate.


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