Different Frames Of Shop Automatic Sliding Doors

Shop automatic sliding doors

The shop automatic sliding doors are very common nowadays because people have started to make their shop fronts comfortable and unique. The sliding doors are the doors that open or close horizontally like a slide due to which it becomes so easy to open them or close. Moreover, when these doors come in the automatic form, it becomes the best type of shop front doors.

The shop fronts play aluminium role for the customer’s attention and attraction. When the shops are beautifully decorated and designed from the front, the customer would automatically get attracted by the shop and will try to enter for shopping something. Similarly, in the case of the shop not looking so good and attractive the customers ignore it and keep moving to the next. The shop front entering doors can greatly effete the beauty of the shop front because every one enters and exits from the main doors. The shop automatic sliding doors can enhance the beauty of the shop front because these doors are very decent and beautiful in their look. Moreover, the doors are made of glass due to which the customer can easily see the inside view even standing at the shop front.

There are multiple types of frames of the shop automatic sliding doors. These frames are discussed one by one in details.

Types of frames of automatic sliding doors

  • Aluminium frames
  • Metal frames
  • Hard plastic frames
  • Stainless steel frames

Aluminium frames

The frames of the sliding doors are very common in aluminium material. Because this material has been used greatly to produce frames of the doors and windows. Usually, it is used for window frames, but it is also commonly used in the sliding doors. `Aluminum looks stunning due to its bright and decent colour. It is naturally beautiful that’s why it is highly used in the window frames and the sliding shop front doors. However, aluminum is strong enough to keep the glass of the sliding door safe from any damage.

Metal frames

The metal frames of the shop automatic sliding doors are also colour in the UK because the metal is a very durable and suitable for the glass doors. Especially sliding doors that open and close vertically like a slide. These doors must be covered with a hard and durable frame that can keep the door safe from getting damaged or broken. Metal frames may be expensive than the aluminum or wooden frames because the metal is a quite expensive material, especially which is used in the doors and frames.

Hard plastic frames

Plastic has multiple types according to nature. Some plastics are hard and some are very sensitive that cannot bear the pressure of anything. The sliding doors often have frames that are made with hard plastic. Such frames are very durable that go for very long. Different shop front companies produce such a shop front sliding doors that have a plastic frame. The colour of the plastic can be of our choice that suits our desires and requirements. Moreover, such sliding door frames are very eco-friendly. That’s why we can easily afford it for our shop front doors.

Stainless steel frames

The stainless steel frames are mostly used in the shop front sliding doors because these frames are stainless and also keep the glass of the door save from dirt and damages. Steel can be easily printed with any paint. That way, we can give any color to the frame of the sliding doors. These frames are also very durable and reliable.

Frameless sliding doors

Many shops have frameless shop automatic sliding doors in their shop fronts. These doors are quite sensible if these are made with thinner glass. Because a simple glass can get damaged or broken easily if it is not protected with frame. That’s why most of the frameless sliding doors are very thick and durable. The quality of glass is also excellent used in the production of sliding doors. Even some big shopping centres use bulletproof glass in their shop front sliding doors and double glazing. Most of the people try to keep their shops highly secure and safe from any type of threat. Therefore, everyone tries to have reliable shop front doors.

Automatic sliding doors

Automatic sliding doors are those that get open or close automatically through a sensor installed in them. When someone comes near the automatic sliding door it opens automatically and closes when someone goes away. It read the weight on the sensor and orders the door to get opened or closed. In this way, the customers don’t need to use effort to open or close the shop automatic sliding doors.


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