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Drop Kerbs
Drop Kerbs

Drop Kerbs:

A and M Groundworks can bid you a complete service, also as surveying to start whether you qualify to have your Drop kerb lowered or extended. They classify vehicle access to hikers and avert damage to your vehicle suspension and direction-finding when entering the driveway.

Why do you need a dropped kerb?

You probably won’t have the foggiest idea about this, however, driving a vehicle onto a driveway without a dropped kerb is illegal. Driving straight onto a kerb that isn’t dropped is disallowed for some reasons, with the chance of hitting a passing common solid and harm caused to the actual way.

Probably the greatest danger of driving a vehicle onto the kerb is the possibility to make genuine harm to any utility device under the way and will prompt some gigantic fines. On the off chance that any links or lines are running under the way, you could confront some genuine wellbeing and security issues if you keep on rolling over it. Having a brought down kerb will permit a smoother change from street to driveway, and will likewise go far in saving the existence of both your tyres and suspension.

Benefits of a drop kerb:

If you’re living in a city that’s short of parking spots, it makes sense to take benefit of your outdoor space for parking your car. On the other hand, you may be keen to augment the kerb appeal of your property… deprived of the kerb. You may also need to smooth out the zone to make your property more reachable to wheelchair users. But, with a driveway comes the essential for a Drop kerb – in other words, dropping the pavement to let cars drive securely on and off your property.

Drop Kerbs
Drop Kerbs

Contacting Councils:

A and M Groundworks deliver a full site report of fundamental utilities and the introductory of highway documents. Work can frequently commence within four weeks providing the standards are met. However, in some examples, applications take around four months when preparation permission is required. A and M Groundworks can dismiss you of all the stress and hassle by communicating with the councils on your behalf and dealing unswervingly with the Highways Agency. Because stipulations vary according to the apiece council, particulars can be obtained upon request.

Do you need planning permission?

To procure arranging consent, you’ll need to connect with your nearby Council’s streets or roadways division and apply through there. We are emphatically prompt that you get the arranging consent before whatever else as working without authorization will as a rule end in the Council compelling you to transform it back, so it’s not worth the issue.

A similar thought applies if your property is found near traffic signals or trees, making it hard and possibly perilous to pull out of the carport. Another factor to consider is whether the Council concurs that there is adequate space in the nursery for a driveway and that your vehicle wouldn’t hang out onto the asphalt by any stretch of the imagination. As a side note, all entryways should not open outwards as they could make hurt passing walkers.

How Cornerstone can aid:

By outsourcing your value search to Cornerstone, you can rely on years of experience and the ability to provide quick and efficient service. If you’d like to acquire more about how we can aid make your dropped kerb procedure smoother, get in touch today.


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