Get Outstanding Training of Our Mallorca Training Camp Cycling:

Mallorca Training Camp Cycling
Mallorca Training Camp Cycling

Mallorca Training Camp Cycling:

Mallorca is an evidently “cycle-friendly” location – Amateurs and Pros have been approaching here for decades. The local population is well alert of the priceless business that cycling brings to their shores and make a little matter of benevolent right of way to the numerous cycling groups that descend upon the roads, athwart the island, each term; and for the leisure cyclists, there is a wide-ranging, network of cycle lanes – securely segregated from vehicle traffic.

A professional Mallorca Training Camp Cycling will allow cyclists and triathletes of all ages and levels of ability to take part in completely guided cycle camps and cycle training holidays supported by an expert team of staff. A self-guided training camp in Mallorca is also a motivating option. The communications are there, well maintained, fully signposted cycle routes ready to experiment all levels, particular sport hotels, and well situated at the begin of the best cycling routes, training camp experts and sports professionals on the ground ready to help you if you want.

What Mallorca Cycling Tours Offers:

Our cycling holidays and training camps are appropriate for groups of friends, teams, or individuals.  We want to make certain you understanding the best cycling Mallorca has to present. Mallorca Cycling Tours caters to a broad series of cycling abilities. Whether you are training for a detailed event or just looking for a cycling holiday you will get a warm greeting from our squad of knowledgeable cyclists. Our cycling holidays and training camps are predominantly well-liked with cyclists training for sportives. They offer a wonderful opportunity to get experience in group riding, learn from more skilled cyclists, and clock up some miles. Every day we put forward a choice of guided rides that let you cycle with others of similar ability and momentum.

Our professional guides are always on hand to put forward advice and back-up. All our rides are completely supported with knowledgeable guides and for the superior groups, the following encouragement vehicle. Using our local acquaintance we cautiously design our cycling routes to take in the greatest scenery and quiet roads in Mallorca. Unlike a usual training camp, we do stop to get photos and take in the views! We capture photos of you while cycling and they are yours to be.  Please get in touch with Mallorca Training Camp to talk about your requirements and to discover more.


Every morning at the meeting every rider will get personal goals for the ride to come based on his/her abilities and level of exhaustion. We all take the road collectively, like a lineup. On the short (rare) flat sections, the strongest riders will direct the group. On hills, every rider will go up at his rapidity with a power meter. The riders who accomplish the summit first will turn back down to grab the last riders. Nobody stays dormant at the top. It means some additional miles for the best riders and some support for the slowest ones in the last part of the ascents.

Mallorca Training Camp Cycling
Mallorca Training Camp Cycling

Classic Mallorca Cycling Routes:

Most routes feature stunning views out to sea, across continuing scenery, into stunning valleys from the top of mountains, and scenic towns and villages entrenched all through Mallorca. Some routes are most requested by cyclists who have fallen in love with Mallorca cycling.

  • Cap Formentor:

Cap Formentor Lighthouse exists at the mainly northern point of Mallorca. Locals explain this part of the islet as the meeting point of the winds. The way takes you out across some spectacular roads that provide you panoramic sea views. This is an iconic ride between the Mallorca Training Camp Cycling area.

  • Sa Calobra:

Sa Calobra is a mountain scramble that features 26 firmly packed hairpin bends. It has become famous since it transpired Bradley Wiggins used the direction to instruct for his 2012 successes. Now, nearly every cyclist wants to make the climb at least once in their cycling profession.

  • Puig Major

Puig Major is the uppermost accessible point on the island and it is a fraction of the Tramuntana Mountain Range. Like Sa Calobra and Cap Formentor, Puig Major with its wonderful views and challenge is an obligation for all cyclists that want to perk up and test their cycling methods.


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