Get to Know About the Connected Tyres in Details

car tyres
car tyres

Connected cars are one of the significant parts of people’s lives. They have started forming place in vehicle enthusiast’s life since long. But, have you ever thought that the connected tyres would also get evolved. Bridgestone and Pirelli have brought up new technology in the tyre world. The latest innovating step in the world of tyres is a cyber tyre. These tyres can effectively communicate with the drivers and the engine of the car.

The Technology of Connected Tyre:

Multiple sensors are available in these tyres. These sensors can monitor various variables of the car and the car tyres. These include sensing ability for ice or snow on the road, depth of tread, pressure in the tyre, acceleration and tyre temperature. The engine gets all these information collected. Then the emergency Traction control and suspension requirement are adjusted by the engine accordingly. Apart from this, the nearest 5G towers can be pinged by. These Tyres to warn nearby vehicles for possible dangers or driving status. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) service is used.

Bridgestone shows two types of tyre technologies at CES: the concept of airless tyres and a smart connected tyre with the sensor.

The wheel and the tread of a tyre are connected into a single structure of high strength by the airless tyres. The chances of flat tyres are taken away by this structure. The airless tyre portfolio by Bridgestone includes all the scope of possible uses. The primary uses include use of the tyre for personal mobility and commercial fleets. In contrast, the advanced concept includes elastic and airless tyres and the company’s advanced wheel solution.

A Tyre Talking to Your Car:

The concept of connected tyres has more technology in it. The connected tyres are being used as a part of the TPMS by many drivers. But, the smart, proactive tyre developed by Bridgestone can do a lot more stuff beyond telling the amount of pressure needed for your tyres. This tyre, designed by Bridgestone handles three high-tech activities. The three activities include act, sense and sync. These tyres carry out the three activities when paired with the compatible ADAS system. Its condition, as well as the condition of the road, can be sensed by the tyre. Then the information is sent to the car to enable it to make self-driving decisions.

car tyres
car tyres

The current driver assisting systems doesn’t work base on the tyre type. They work in the same way irrespective of whether it’s winter or summer tyres and a worn or new tyre. Present system offers reaction during tyre slipping but, the new Bridgestone connected tyres provide useful information to the ADAS during tyre slipping for better management and prevention of crashes.

A new sensor offers extra information and is glued to the inner wall of the tyre. During each rotation. When there is contact between the tyre and the ground. The adhesive deformation is measured by the sensor to measure the tyre’s strain.

Then an onboard system using a model of a digital twin of that tyre gets the information. Then the strain measurement is converted into wearing estimates using an algorithm of Bridgestone. This algorithm includes proprietary information of the company. Only a single digital memory mode is required by the vehicle using such connected tyres. This mode must have four instances with one for each tyre so that every activity occurring around can be recorded. Different tyres like bigger car tyres on the rear part can also be handled by a car tyre designed to do so.

The shallow potholes can also be detected efficiently by the sensors as these are very sensitive. This data can be sent to the local transportation department to get aware of the repairing needed to be done on the road in an area.


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