Guide To Drain Pipe Lining & Why You Might Need Them Right Now

Drain Pipe Lining

It is almost a nightmare when your drain pipe lining is clogged & the water stands still & your whole house or business is filled with a horrible smell. If you don’t attend to the sewerage problems immediately, it can even start deteriorating your health & your loved ones as well. Whether you are a family living in a beautiful house or a business person running an office or shop; everyone experiences a time, when their sewerage pipes lines are clogged & after a while becomes so worse, that it starts affecting your health & business.

This is the time when you’ll need cracked sewer pipe repairs or maybe drain pipe lining. But before you hire a service, read this article to help you know better about the drain pipes & how to cope with them.

Why do you need a drain pipe lining service?

Let’s say you have a sweet & beautiful house. It’s been a while since you’ve been living in the house. When you bought it, the realtor or the contractor ensured you that everything is in working order & you won’t need to repair anything in so long a time. Well, it’s been a few months or years & your drain pipes have become clogged. And they are plugged bad. The water can’t find its way to the main sewer & it’s starts getting blocked. Now there may be many causes that are preventing the drain pipes. You’ll see them in a while.

But the main focus is that when the wastewater can’t be transferred to the main sewerage, it starts to back up. You may be having your toilets pumping water out in the bathroom when you’ll flush. All in all, clogged drain pipes can be a real nuisance. You are affecting your fixtures & your health — the beauty of your house. A broken sewage pipe repair or a drain pipe lining can help you get rid of those problems. A drain is pipelining forms a new pipe within your old drain pipe. It will then act as a new pipe while strengthening the old one. The water flow will be much smoother & efficient for a long time.

It will worsen

When the wastewater can’t be transferred to the main sewerage & is blocked. The situation will be deteriorating if not attended to properly. There is a set of pipelines laid underneath your house or office. The pipes are attached to your bathroom faucets & fixtures, your kitchen sink & every other fixture that delivers water. An efficient drain pipe will ensure that all the wastewater is being appropriately performed to the main sewerage. That the water doesn’t get blocked anywhere.

Sometimes it happens that when water can’t find its way through one pipe or the main pipe, it starts transferring to the next pipe it can find its way in. Once the water of one tube is moved to the other, the other pipeline faces second waste load which is more than its share. This then results in the other pipe also getting blocked. It may start to crack the sewerage pipes. The drain pipes will weaken. A good broken sewage repair service is much needed at such times. If not being attended to properly, there will be wastewater flowing inside your house or office through the fixtures & toiletries.

What’s causing it?

There can be many reasons for a blocked drain pipe. Some of them, you’d already been familiar be, but there are some others that you need to know.

Hairs stuck inside

When you take a shower & your hair fall due to the water, the lumps of hair when not washed properly from the floors will be gathered in the drain pipe. After a while, they will block the tubes to the extent that the water will stop flowing.

If there’s heavy rain

If you live in an area that is prone to heavy rainfalls. The excessive amount of water will be too much load for your regular drain pipes & the pipelines will be clogged in no time.


The dirt, fallen leaves, twigs, plants & much other rubbish gathers in your gutters & through it to the drain pipes. When it gathers & forms a considerable lump, your pipelines are blogged. It may crack the sewerage lines.


If you use oil—whether in cooking or for cosmetic purpose—it can mix with the wastewater & increase the chances of your drain lines getting blocked.

Bad quality drain pipes

If your already installed drain pipes are of bad quality, they will just be blocked after a while.

Or maybe, the pipes are good quality, but they have been installed inappropriately. In that case, the irregular bends & angles in those pipes will do nothing but contribute more in blocking those pipes.


If you live in a cold area, the fallen snow will be stuck over your roof gutters & when it melts down, it’ll block the drain pipes. There have been instances when the collected storm damaged the sewage pipes.

How do you cope?

Now that you know what the causes of blocked drain pipes & are how can it affect your health & your business. The question arises that how should you cope with the problem. You can hire an efficient company that will serve you with their professional services such as cracked sewer pipe repair or drain pipe lining.

Clearway is one such company that is mostly recommended for an efficient drain pipe solutions job. They offer great services at an affordable price. So the next time, your water isn’t flowing; you know who to call.


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