Salient Features of Aida Cruise Ship

Aida Cruise

Ever since it has been announced that AIDA cruises (AIDAprima and AIDAvita) have reached the new cruise terminal of Dubai, there has been a lot of curiosity about these ships. A lot of people have shown interest in knowing more about these cruises. If you are also looking for information on these ships, we have got you covered.

In this article, we have shed light on the salient features of the AIDA cruise ship. Take a look at them:

Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System

AIDAprima, a popular product of AIDA, happens to be the first-ever cruise ship to use Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System (MALS). It is a proprietary technology of MHI and helps reduce the fuel consumption of the cruise. It does so by creating small air bubbles. These bubbles cover the ship’s bottom side, creating a sort of “air carpet”. This, in turn, reduces friction between the seawater and the hull when the cruise is sailing.

Furthermore, it comes with a detailed filter system. This system helps to reduce the occurrence of harmful emissions, including sulphur oxide, nitrogen oxide and soot particles.

Accommodation Facilities

AIDA cruise is equipped with 1,643 staterooms. These rooms are available in 14 different categories to cater to a diverse group of guests. Furthermore, they can accommodate as many as 3,300 passengers.

These staterooms differ in terms of size. Ranging from 20m sq. to 2520m sq., they come with state of the art features, along with a convertible sofa, walk-in closets, two bathrooms. In addition to that, they also have a sunning area that can easily accommodate two sun loungers.

On the eighth deck of the cruise, Lanai staterooms are nestled. These rooms comprise a winter garden along with a massive veranda. Passengers can open the doors to the garden and enjoy the sunny area. Other than that, there are 36 panorama staterooms on the ship. They provide guests with exclusive access to a patio deck that features a bar, private water landscape and protected sunny area.

There are also 32 suites on the ship. Covering an area of 53m sq., every suite has a private sun deck, separate bedroom, two bathrooms, walk-in closet and a large sofa bed.

On-Board Recreation Facilities & Entertainment Facilities

AIDAprima has a AIDA beach club. It is covered by a nearly invisible membrane that’s has a dome-shape. This way, guests can enjoy an ambiance similar to that of a beach. They can relax under palm trees and enjoy the starry nights with an added protection screen.

The 4 element deck has different activities for guests to enjoy. It also features water slides, and other sports activities are arranged for the guests to enjoy on a special sports deck. Another amazing feature of this ship is that it comes with AIDA Mini Club. It is only children facility to be there on any AIDA cruise ship. This club is suitable for kids over six months old. There are teen clubs as well for older kids.

To connect the out areas of the ship, there are glass elevators and a glass skywalk standing tall at 45m. They add to the beauty of the vessel while also allowing passengers to take a stroll on them. The cruise also has several wellness treatment venues, including saunas, indoor, outdoor pools, Body & Soul Organic Spa and a tepidarium. Furthermore, shops and bars are also available in the IADA plaza. This area can be transformed into a stage where street artists can perform or meetings can be held. Also, the cruise houses a theatrium. It has a circular stage, aerial performance equipment, advanced LED technology and a floating globe.

Lastly, there are many dining facilities available on the cruise for the passengers to enjoy delicacies from around the world. Apart from 13 restaurants, there are 18 bars and a cooking school as well. Guests can take interactive cooking classes from professional chefs.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! These are some of the best features of the AIDA cruise ship Dubai recently became home to. So, if you are planning for the next cruise trip, it’s certain that there’s no better option than the AIDA cruise. So, book your reservations as early as possible and enjoy a great trip that’s going to be full of fun, luxury and lavishness. It presents a perfect opportunity for families to enjoy some great time together.


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