The Types and Benefits of Door Entry System

Door Entry Systems London
Door Entry Systems London

Nowadays, the crime rate is increased due to certain reasons and to cope up with this issue the door entry system is built. The Door Entry Systems London is designed to secure both commercial and domestic properties. The door entry system only allows to enter the authorized people and denied the entry of unauthorized people. The door entry system not only provides security but also offers other facilities i.e. there is one kind of door system that doesn’t require a key.

This technology is still under innovations and will provide a more secure system in future. But some of the types of Door entry system are below:

  1. Ring Doorbell system:

It is one of the types of door entry system. It is installed at the front door and the system is connected to the mobile devices. Whenever the bell rings the one in the house gets a notification on the mobile phone and can speak to the person directly.

  1. Audio Visual system:

This name shows that this system is based on audio verification. This type of door entry system is used in small places or places that do not require high security. This system allows the entry by audio verification. The person who requests to enter the area has to speak directly to the owner or any security personnel to gain entrance at residence.

  1. Proximity Readers:

One of the best and safer systems to use in places like offices or at business places. Proximity Reader system is a type in which only authorized user enters the area.

This door entry system requires an identity card or any sensor-based tags. This system is easy to use and it stores data related to authorized members and while requesting it matches the data from the record and opens the door for entrance. Safety is high by using the Proximity Reader system and more affordable.

The ID issued to members is only readable by the system and it deactivates the Id once the member left the membership. It grants access from distance too.

It is a must-have Door Entry Systems London to secure buildings includes offices, forensic labs or institutions.

  1. Keypad door system:

This is another type of door entry system. It requires passwords or codes to allow entrance. Keypad door systems are linked to central access systems to verify the codes and password. This system is usually used on office premises.  But this system is less secure as compared to others as there are chances to pass on passwords and code and then it allows the entrance of unauthorized members.

  1. Biometric system:

This system requires biological attributes and is likely to use at places with low traffic. To allow the entry this system requires a scan of fingerprints or handprints. Biometric system only permits those whose identity is provided and denied illegal entry. A Biometric system provides maximum security but is expensive to install.

Door Entry Systems London
Door Entry Systems London
  1. Wireless system:

The wireless door entry system has audio-visual verification. It allows the entrance by audio verification or by showing face.

This system is wireless and requires minimum cables while installing. This system has a night vision feature too.

  1. Video Door Entry System:

It is also the safest door system as it allows entry after the video verification. One who wants to enter the residence has to video call the security personnel or owner and after the verification, they have entered the residence. This system relies on a human to verify the member.

These are the systems used World-wide. The benefits of using a door entry system are mentioned below:

Benefits of Door Entry System:

  • The door entry system reduces the crime rate. It is used at offices, schools and business area to prevent the residence from theft or any other harmful activities.
  • It allows the entry of only approved people and denied illegal access.
  • Accidently unlock hit problems but Door Entry Systems London resolved this problem too as these systems provide automatically lock.
  • The door entry system provides customized allow as it allows those who provided their identity to the system. I.e. Proximity reader only provides entrance to identity holders. Similarly biometric allows the entrance after scanning the fingerprints or handprints.
  • Keys can be duplicated easily but there is no chance of duplicating the door lock system. In this way, the premises are more protected by any illegal activity.
  • One of the significant benefits of the door system is it discourages thieves to enter the residence and cause fewer protection charges.
  • Such systems allow mobile notification when bell rings or any illegal activity happens.


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