Types Of Diamond Shaped Wedding Rings

diamond shaped wedding rings

There are multiple types of diamond shaped wedding rings and each shape has a different value in the market according to its beauty. Diamond rings are the best wedding gift that a person can give to his wife on his wedding day. Most of the people who can afford it use to give diamond rings at weddings.

Diamond is the hardest substance in the existing world and also the most beautiful material due to which it is very costly. However, a normal person with average income cannot easily afford it. There are very few percentages of the low-income people who buy diamond jewellery for their special days like a wedding, engagement or birthday. The jewellers use to produce different amazing jewellery designs. Therefore, they sell in the market after charging their commission/profit. A jeweller is well familiar with all the diamond shaped wedding rings where you can choose the best one for you or your beloved ones. But before you go to the jeweller’s shop, you can also come to know the essential types of diamond ring cuts that are being used in the wedding rings and engagement rings etc.

Types of diamond shaped rings

  • Princess cut diamond ring
  • Round cut diamond ring
  • Heart shaped diamond ring
  • Oval diamond ring
  • Asher diamond ring
  • Pearl shaped diamond ring

Princess cut diamond ring:

This is one of the most beautiful diamond cuts that are used in the wedding diamond rings. Its shape represents the personality of a princess because princesses use to wear such amazing jewelry. So when a bride wears a princess cut diamond shaped wedding rings, she feels like a princess. It enhances the beauty of her hands manifold that everyone falls in love in the first glance. If you want to buy a princess cut diamond ring for yourself or for the loved ones you can contact a reliable jewellers company. There are some diamond jewellers that are offering princess cut diamond rings at reasonable prices.

Round cut diamond rings:

Round cut diamond ring is a wonderful type of diamond rings. It is the sign of decent that royal people use to wear in the special days. What is more special than the wedding day? Therefore, this is the time when they use to buy round cut diamond shaped wedding rings. This is a simple but lovely design that can melt anyone’s hears in first sight. It can be the best choice for you if you are looking for a decent and beautiful diamond ring for your wedding. The diamond is designed into round shape using diamond blades. Usually, the diamonds are not of that shape. Therefore, the jewellers convert it into different shapes.

Heart shaped diamond ring:

There is an important type of diamond cut rings that focuses on true love. Therefore, people like to have such a beautiful diamond ring on their wedding days. A heart-shaped wedding ring is the best option if you want to surprise your bride on your wedding day. Its stunning look can easily impress your bride within no time and it will be remembered for your life that you gave this fantastic gift to your wife.

Oval diamond rings:

Oval diamond rings have a similar diamond cut to the round shaped diamond. But this is quite long but the same in width. This is an egg shape diamond cut which looks stunning in the wedding ring. Many people use to buy such a brilliant diamond cut rings for their wedding day.

Asher diamond rings:

Asher diamond cut is also an amazing diamond cut which is square but round from the corners. Its impressive look catches everyone’s attraction in its first look. This is one of the most beautiful diamond shaped wedding rings in the market. There is a suggestion for you to use such a brilliant diamond ring on your wedding day.

Pearl shaped wedding rings:

There is just wow in our mind when we see a diamond ring in pearl shape. Why not? This is so much beautiful combination when we add pearl shape into diamond rings. Nothing can beat the beauty of this diamond ring. The jewellers make and designs such diamond rings with brilliance.

Start shaped engagement rings:

Star-shaped engagement rings are also beautiful and stunning diamond rings. The jewellers prefer to use such diamond rings in the engagement day because on that day you are getting engaged with your life partner and the star represent your beautiful luck. Therefore, this is very suitable for you on that day.


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