Types Of Shop Automatic Sliding Doors

Shop automatic sliding doors

Shop Automatic sliding doors can increase the attraction of the customers for our shop if we have such a customer friendly doors in our shop. Every shopkeeper tries to make its shop most beautiful and attractive by adding some facilities in it. Automatic sliding doors are one of the essential things that can help to make the shop front beautiful and attractive. There are many types of shop automatic sliding doors that are made of different materials.

A shop front is the main part of every shop that faces the attention of the customers first of all. So it should be enough beautiful and customer friendly to attract the customers and catch it into the shop. As much the customers would be attracted the sale would be the same. To make the shop front beautiful, we can use stylish shop automatic sliding doors in the entrance and exiting. We can briefly discuss the crucial types of sliding doors and shutters both according to the material and style. You can get such sliding doors at the time of shop front installation. We can contact a recognized shop front company that offers decent and affordable sliding doors both in manual and automatic. The manual sliding doors are comparatively less expensive than the automatic sliding doors.

Types of shop automatic sliding doors:

  • Barn sliding doors
  • Accordion sliding doors
  • Ball Bearing doors
  • Hard Fiber rice paper
  • Towel bar
  • Automatic sliding doors
  • Manual sliding doors

Barn Sliding Doors:

Barn Sliding doors are one of the oldest types of sliding doors that are now not using in the shops. Because such entries don’t seem pretty on the VIP shop fronts that could provide comfort to the customers. The customer has to put some effort to open or close the door. Moreover, such doors are now not acceptable as shop front sliding doors. Therefore, we should avoid selecting such doors in our shop front.

Accordion sliding doors:

Accordion sliding doors are very decent and stylish sliding doors that can be used as a shop front door. The design of such doors is perfect that makes the shop front more attractive and special. It’s layered make plays a vital role to save the space in the shop front. The door opens within its specific fixed place due to which it becomes effortless to open or close it. Such doors are usually made of aluminium sheet. Such doors can be used especially when we have shop roller shutters in our shop.

Ball Bearing doors:

There is nothing better than the ball bearing doors if you want a quiet and smooth sliding door for your shop front. This is a decent and luxurious type of sliding doors that you can use in your shop. But there is a negative point of such doors that these are not transparent as the glass sliding doors are. The customer wants to see inside of the shop standing in the front of it. Therefore, the door should be entirely or semi-transparent.

Hard fibre rice paper:

Hard fibre rice paper sliding doors are one of the luxurious sliding doors that are commonly used in the UK. Many people in business use such a beautiful type of sliding doors to attract their customers. But there is a problem that such doors are not so secure because the fibre that is used in such doors is not so durable. Therefore, people feel hesitation to install such Japanese style sliding doors. However, we can buy shoji sliding doors in which more secure and hard fibre paper is installed correctly. Such doors are handy if you want traditional Japanese look at your shop.

Towel bar:

Towel bar is an essential type of sliding doors that are being used all over the UK.  These doors are not for the shop fronts because such doors are used in the bathrooms. But the design of such doors can be copied for the shop front sliding doors. Because this is very customer friendly and comfortable type of sliding doors that can be easily opened and closed. Such sliding doors are usually made with glass that has metalled or aluminium borders. Towel bar sliding doors are also don’t make unnecessary noise. Therefore, we can use it in our shop fronts.

Automatic sliding doors:

Shop automatic sliding doors are the doors that are automatically opened and closed. Such doors are the most customer-friendly type of shop front doors. Because the customer doesn’t even need to touch the door and it begins through a sensor fixed in it. It opens automatically and automatically closed that let the customers feel more and more comfortable.

Manual sliding doors:

Manual sliding doors are those that cannot be opened automatically as the shop automatic sliding doors can be. Therefore, these are not as much use as the automatic doors are. Such doors are also comparatively less expensive due to their not opening automatically.


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