Ultimate Guide on Certeza Nebulizer

Certeza Nebulizer

Certeza nebulizer approximately takes 6 to 10 minutes to produce and deliver the full dose of medication. Even nebuliser uses to give medicines to severely debilitated patients and the babies.

What is Certeza nebulizer do?

Certeza nebulizer produces an aerosol and the liquid of some medications. Which allow you to breathe with your lungs via masks or with mouthpiece if you have breathing problems. Moreover, if you were facing respiratory issues it can be resolved via Certeza nebulizer. Thus medications given by nebulizer can heal the acute conditions to avoid further problems from developing. Furthermore, Certeza nebulizer has many benefits as well as treating the inhaling or oral medication problems. And even the lung disease can handle with this equipment.

Cost of Certeza nebulizer in Pakistan:

You can get a premium quality Certeza nebulizer around Rs: 2,500 up to Rs: 3,500, as you will find this equipment from an online company which will be absolute premium quality and it’ll do just fine.

Top 4 benefits of using Certeza Nebulizer:

As nebulizer comes with great benefits if you’re facing problems with asthma, breathing problems etc. as we generated a list of benefits down below for a better understanding of those:

 More Effective Medication Delivery:

Certeza nebulizer always to those places where they needed the most. Certeza nebulizer can deliver the medications much faster than gastrointestinal which track to your bloodstream; nebulizers can directly get into the respiratory tract.  A nebulizer can make Albuterol workaround in five minutes.


As you Nebulizer treatments are always the one who can prevent acute breathing and respiratory problems to develop further if the treatment begins on the early stages. There might bronchial tubes remain open if bronchodilators are still taken on a daily base for Long-term. Oxygen flow can be blocked if Steroids are taken on as it can reduce mucus and inflammation production in the lungs though.

Easy to use:

This equipment requires very little of your effort to make them useful. On the other hand, inhalers need manual procedure while breathing through when they release the medication, this kind of drugs flows continuously, which can let you breathe normally while the treatment carries on. They are portable and small enough to travel with, not that much as compared to inhalers though, which can fit easily into a pocket. Certeza nebulizer approximately takes 6 to 10 minutes to produce and deliver the full dose of medication. Even nebulizer use to give medicines to severely debilitated patients and babies.

Lesser Side Effects:

As this treatment consider to be more reduce the risk of side effects as compare to other therapies like oral administration which treat on the same process. It has fewer risk on the temporary side effects like a headache, rapid heartbeat or tremors. It also reduces the risk of an extended period of side effects of steroids, for example, high blood pressure,  susceptibility to infection, bone loss as well as weight gain, nebulizer help in this scenario a lot.

Preparation before using Certeza nebulizer:

  1. Wash hand properly
  2. Medication should be taken into the nebulizer
  3. Fix the mouthpiece and attach it
  4. The tube should be connected properly

How to use Certeza nebulizer:

The compressor should be turned on for the use of a nebulizer

Do consider using an aerosol one which is an alternative to a mouthpiece for the people that are too ill to grab the spokesman though, they can be children. Nebulizer cup attach to the aerosol masks at the top of it. The sizes can be available as it comes in the variety.

Continuously inhale the medication:

Until mist stops keep inhaling the drug though, it takes around 15-20 at most. The mist stop coming out, once the liquid is finish. For distraction watch movie or something.

Clean up the nebulizer and turn off:

Cleaning is must for avoiding any risk, make sure to unplug before you go for cleaning medic cup or even the mouthpiece from the tubing, warm it up in a soapy water rinse It with water properly, and make sure you put the equipment on the clean towel so it can get air dry, this gets necessary every day and every use of each treatment.

One a week disinfect the Certeza nebulizer:

While disinfecting your equipment always follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer. Soak all the parts in the water, not the tube, distil vinegar will use is one part and the rest will need hot water for 1 hour straight. After that rinse it to clean cold water of all parts, not the tube, clean them with the towel and air dry them properly. Each person should only used nebulizer one at a time.


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