What is a Custom patch and what are the different type of Custom patches?

Cheap Custom Patches
Cheap Custom Patches

Custom patches are very famous as they are available in different varieties. Many custom patches company offers customized patches in different fabrics. They provide a catalogue to their clients as well to select what they exactly want about their patches. Patches Company provide complete services to the clients as well. The prices of Cheap Custom Patches depend on the size and fabric of patches.

How to avail of custom patches services?

Patches Company offered quick services to their client. The online service is easy to avail and fast as well. Different companies offer different steps for booking. The main steps to avail service are:

  • First, choose your patch style and size. Many companies offer a catalogue to select the patch for customization.
  • Fill the form available online on their websites. The form includes names, address and contact number. The form also includes the section to upload customized patches.

What are the uses of Custom Patches?

Custom patches are used at different events. The creative custom patches are always ready to give your event a great vibe.

What are the materials used for Custom Patches?

  • The cotton patches are easy to use as they can be stick to the clothing by using an iron. Iron does not damage the cotton patches. The adhesive backing is also used for cotton patches.
  • The nylon or polyester patches are not adhered to using iron because it damages the patch material. The nylon patches backing is made by adhesive glue or with sewing material.

What are the different types of patches?

  • PVC Patches: PVC patches are in trend as they give vibrant colour and a fine look to the customized patches. They are made using high-quality plastic which is eco-friendly as well. PVC patches stay for a long time compare to embroidery patches. PVC patches mould into any customized design. The creators hired by a custom patch company can achieve the look you desire for your patch.

PVC patches Backing:

PVC patches are the unique patches available in every customized design and colour as well. They are not iron-resistant patches.


  • PVC patches are durable.
  • PVC patches are water-resistant.
  • Unique and available in different varieties.
  • PVC patches are weather-resistant.
  • PVC patches are cost-friendly.
Cheap Custom Patches
Cheap Custom Patches

Embroidery Patches:

Embroidery is one of the temptation version of the design. Cheap Custom Patches companies introduce embroidery patches as well. The embroidery patches look so elegant and sophisticated. They are available in different colours.

Backing material:

Iron-on patches are the second name for embroidery patches. They easily adhere to clothes using iron. Some patches have sewed back as well. They are very easy to use and fashionable as well.


  • Embroidery patches are extremely durable.
  • Thread customization lasts long.
  • Iron-on backing is the key benefit of embroidery patches.
  • Embroidery patches are Washable and can be dry clean.
  • They are shrink-proof.
  • Cost-effective.

Woven Patches:

These threads are tightly woven to give the logo a shape and design.

Backing material:

The woven patches are adhesive peel-off patch. They are very easy to use and easily adhere to clothing.

  • Woven patches are smooth and flat.
  • Very cost-friendly.
  • Woven patches are versatile patches.


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