What Makes Diamond Rings So Valuable and Expensive?

diamond rings

Utmost demanding Diamond Rings:

The diamond rings put on in different situation:

  • Weddings
  • Engagements
  • Occasionally

Wedding Diamond rings:

People prefer diamond rings on their marriage because of the belief ‘diamonds are Forever’. The diamonds wedding ring is known as a symbol of love, affection and loyalty between husband and wife for the rest of their lives. The ring shape symbolises as stability and everlasting relationship.

Engagement rings:

Diamond rings are preferable on engagements as the diamonds are very expensive, and the one who is giving her fiancée thinks she is more valuable. And he deserves to marry her. Females put on diamond rings after they got engaged because they are about to get married.


Diamond rings can be used on occasions to increase the beauty of females. As diamond rings can give elegant and stylish looks to women.

Diamond formation:

The carbon atoms crystallise deep inside the earth’s crust under the severe heat and pressure. The crystal form of carbon is known as ‘Diamond’. They found approximately 150-200 km under the earth’s surface. They are incredibly precious because so few of them can survive under severe heat and pressure. Billions of years ago, they were found. From the real diamond nowadays, people start mining of diamonds, and in the diamond market, mostly synthetic diamond is the sale. It is an exact nearest copy of real diamond. It produces by carbon atom in almost the same circumstances as the real one.

Recognition of Diamond:

In 1867, Erasmus Stephanus Jacobs, a 15-year-old boy firstly found Eureka Diamond on Orange river near Hope Town. Afterwards, it starts forward and then explores its preciousness and worth in nature.

Is Diamond older or Dinosaur?

There is a misconception in which it uses to think that dinosaurs are older, but the fact is diamonds are much older than dinosaurs; these are almost the age of the earth. And diamonds are not formed from coal. It is a collection of carbon atoms.

Rare diamonds:

There are fancy colour diamonds also present. By the statistical analysis, it shows that less than 0.1% of coloured diamond exist which sold out before they come to market at very high prices.

Following are the rarest types of diamond in the world:

  • Red diamonds
  • Blue diamonds
  • Green diamonds
  • Orange diamonds
  • Pink diamonds
  • Yellow diamonds

Red Diamonds:

The real red diamond doesn’t exist or not found yet. It is the rarest type. The available model is the mix with ones, i.e. purplish red, brownish-red etc. That’s why they are priceless due to their unique and 3Cs high quality. The most precious red which is made by mining is Moussaieff red and Hancock red diamond. Their prices are incredibly high.

Blue Diamonds:

It is the second rarest type. The most famous blue diamonds are Hope Diamond and the Wittelsbach Graff.

 Green Diamonds:

These are more have an artificial look. They are quite fancy. The most popular green diamonds are Dresden diamond and ocean dream.

Orange Diamonds:

Most of the diamond collectors are enthusiastic about this colour diamond. It is best in their collection. The category of Pumpkin Orange Diamond is on top popularity.

Pink Diamonds:

This fancy colour is women favourite due to its adorable look and worth spending money. Steinmetz, Graff and prefect pink diamonds got most popular.

Recognition of Real Diamonds:

We can recognize real diamond by the simple test you can perform anywhere. Place the diamond in front of your face and with your breath for it, if it stays foggy than it is not a real one as real diamond can’t get fog on its surface.

Did gent’s diamond ring look nice?

Gents also carry diamond rings on their wedding. The wedding rings made in a couple of rings. Both are stylish according to the genders. The female ring is glittery and littler slimmer, males’ rings are little broader and less glittery.

Affordable diamond rings available:

On the wedding mostly people go for white shiny diamond rings. They are little affordable than other unique fancy colour diamonds. People only get married once, and one-time investment should be best for a lifetime.


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